The Best Guide to Penang Airport

10 Things To Consider When Choosing A Penang Car Rental Company

Penang Airport

Travellers need as much information they need about the places they’re visiting. This article will be your ultimate source of information for your Penang International Airport which is one of Malaysia’s most crowded airport.

We will be reviewing and featuring the facilities inside the airport. You can also find useful information on the experience you can expect once you arrive.


The Penang International Airport only has one terminal but they have equipped it with modern facilities to accommodate the busy airport.

Thousands and thousands of passengers pass by this airport everyday. They’re greeted by some of the most pleasant airport staff. All the facilities installed inside the buildings are easy to use complete with the necessary instructions.

Shops and restaurants are found around the airport so guests can dine and buy stuff inside the airport. It’s equipped with airport wifi for people to get connected.


The car rental counter is fairly easy to find within the airport. Those planning to drive to their destinations can just easily rent cars at affordable rates.

Tourists who want to take a cab must secure coupons that are sold inside the airport terminal. Use these coupons to travel from the Penang airport to the destination you’re planning to visit. Each coupon has it’s corresponding value and you have to secure enough coupons to pay the cost of transport from the airport to your chosen destination.

If you want to ride the bus, you must look for the Rapid Penang Bus line. The first bus leaves at 6:35 am and the last bus to leave the airport will be at 11:00 pm. Their routes lead directly to the city and the main tourist spots around the area.

Sleep Lounges

All modern airports around the world have built sleep lounges for their guests. The Penang airport has several lounges around the area that guests can use.

Reviews on the lounges have reported that they’re comfy to get away from the hassles of the busy airport or an overnight stay inside the airport. The sleeping spaces are also installed with plugs and headphone jacks to charge your electronic devices while you sleep.

The name of their main lounge is the Plaza Premium Lounge. Passengers can purchase a lounge pass to use the facilities for a small fee. You can also get a membership card as another option to use the sleeping lounge.

Shops and Restaurants

Restaurants are found around the airport for passengers to get a bite to eat once they arrive. You can also find coffee shops to get a nice hot drink to relax during your travels.

For people who just arrived, the arrival and departure areas have conveniently located food places you can eat at. But, if you don’t want to stay in the busiest part of the airport you can check out the restaurants on the outer section of the airport to get your fill there.

Shops selling different types of items are also found inside the Penang airport halls. The prices are duty free so everyone is assured of quality and value on every product they buy.

Other features

Money exchangers and banks are found inside the airport so clients can withdraw some money or exchange them to the local Malaysian currency for purchases inside the airport.